Planet Texel - Landschap - Onderzoek en Visie - NH-Texel - 2013 - 2014

Research by design resulting in a 'manual' with 'vistas' on how the island of Texel can develop towards a more self-sustaining future concerning water, energy, agriculture and tourism.

Project Atelier Planet Texel was a collaboration between the IABR and the municipality of Texel. The Dutch offices LA4SALE and FARO were commissioned to do the design research and to develop pilot projects. The results were presented in a panoramic pavilion at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam in 2014. 

As spin-off multiple initiatives on the island have sprouted, some resulting in concrete projects that follow the 'Planet Texel Philosophy'. Amongst them some of the pilot projects that were presented in the Biennale project itself.
One of the key elements was the implementation of seven 'Texel Principles'. A set of guidelines that made it possible for the locals to debate new initiatives and test their fitting into the Texel Philosophy.


Het paviljoen op de Biennale in Rotterdam 2014 - 7 beamers 360 graden rond

Windmolens op Texel in innovatiebaai Nieuweschild

Seizoensgebonden recreatie in het Kamperfoeliebos

Planet Texel


Boek Planet Texel.pdf


IABR en Gemeente Texel


FARO Architecten

Hein van Lieshout

Marit Janse

Mirte van Laarhoven

Aanverwante projecten:

Beeld van Texel

Texel in Ontwikkeling

Texel op Koers

Buurtskap De Tuunen Texel